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Who Should You Call for Funeral Home and Cremations in Mooresville, IN?


Carlisle-Branson Funeral Service & Crematory finds pride and privilege in providing personalized care to the families we serve. We have served the surrounding communities since the early 1890s. Our staff have years of experience getting to know families and incorporating their loved one’s hobbies, activities, interests, and unique requests into meaningful and memorable services. Contact us at 317-831-2080 or visit us at 39 E High St Mooresville, IN 46158


When you are planning end of life services, you need to lean on the experience offered by a trusted funeral director in the area. It can be an overwhelming experience to work through the details for this event. Not only are you carrying the burden and the grief of the situation, but you also need to design a funeral or memorial that will honor the life that has been lost. Our team at Carlisle-Branson Funeral Service & Crematory is here to help. We invite you to learn more about our funeral home and cremations in Mooresville, IN.


These services are offered for people in all walks of life. We understand that every family is unique, which is why we are always happy to cater the funeral services as desired. We have funeral and cremation packages that might match your preferences. Or, you can talk to us about customizations as required. We always offer a listening ear to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the funeral planning process.


Call for Immediate Services


One of the most stressful moments is when you need to call a funeral home because immediate services are needed. At this moment, you need to work through the logistics, such as transportation and the location for the funeral. At the same time, you need to start the planning process to ensure that the event matches the desires of the deceased.


Our team is on call at all times to ensure that you have the support that is required in the moments that you need it the most. We can respond at any time, both day and night, based on the timing and needs of your family.


If you need immediate funeral services, you can rest assured to know that we have a proven system in place to ensure the results of the event. We’ve been through this process many times before. As a result, we have designed the right solutions to reduce your burden during this difficult time.


A Caring Funeral Home and Cremations in Mooresville, IN


As you learn more about our company, you will see that Carlisle-Branson Funeral Service & Crematory has developed a great reputation in the area. We’ve been in business since the early 1890’s. Over the years, we have built our reputation by focusing on the community. We care about your family, which is why we never cut corners on the services that are offered for our funeral home and cremations in Mooresville, IN.


It is important that you lean on the experience offered by our caring staff. You don’t need to carry the burden without support. We will listen to your requests and offer a listening ear before, during, and after the funeral. You can have the peace of mind to know that we are always here to offer support during every step of the funeral process.


Traditional Funeral or Cremation?


At Carlisle-Branson Funeral Service & Crematory, we offer unique services due to the on-site crematory that we offer. Cremation is becoming more popular with families who are looking for non-traditional solutions. Cremation provides more flexibility with funeral planning because the person doesn’t need to be laid to rest in a cemetery.


Additionally, cremation services are often cheaper compared to the full funeral packages. If you skip unnecessary services such as embalming, a casket, and burial, then the costs will be reduced by thousands of dollars.


Regardless of your motivation for cremation, we are here to support your requests. We can help with direct cremation if you don’t want to hold a formal event. Or, we can also support your desires to have a cremation paired with a funeral or memorial.


For the final resting place, you can choose to bury the ashes or place them in a mausoleum. Or, you might scatter the ashes in a memorial garden that can be visited when you want to reflect on the memories that were shared with the deceased. Some families choose an outdoor location that was special to the person where the ashes are scattered. It’s up to you to choose the final resting place that will suit the needs of your family.


More Information about Full Funeral Services


One of the benefits of choosing a full-service funeral home is that we offer a range of options to support your desires. If you have questions about any of these choices, then we are always here to assist as needed. We invite you to call us or schedule a consultation if you would like more information from our team.


We are here to help by offering a quality funeral home and cremations in Mooresville, IN. Contact an experienced funeral direct and caring staff at Carlisle-Branson Funeral Service & Crematory. Our funeral home is located at 39 E High St, Mooresville, IN 46158. Or, you can call if you need immediate services: (317) 831-2080



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